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Brown shoes with a comfortable and elegant design. Easily adjustable at the side thanks to the buckle the wedge shaped heel and the way they support your foot will make them your favourite, most comfortable shoes that you won't take off.

You can wear them with dresses, boho trousers or long skirts for a very summery look.

Composition: 50% raffia, 50% polyurethane.

Price €54.95
Peasant blue sandals in cotton with jute wedge. Tied to the ankle with beige lace and padded insole that provides extra comfort. This model is classic but in trend, feminine and versatile, they are a must in your shoemaker this summer. Composition: cotton

Price €49.95
Peasant jute wedge sandal in navy blue. It has a classic and trendy design. It is tied with a loop to the ankle and in the front it leaves part of the fingers exposed. Its padded insole provides extra comfort. They are feminine, timeless and versatile, perfect for your summer plans.

Price €49.95

These sandals have an elegant and comfortable design. They have a round toe and a stylish wedge. They have several light brown criss-cross straps.

They are comfortable and steady. They support the foot well thanks to the straps. You can wear them with wide-fit clothes for a summery look.

Composition: 100% Polyurethane.

Price €44.95
Peasant sandal with jute wedge in brown tones. You can tie it in different ways to your ankle. The front leaves part of the fingers exposed. Its padded insole provides extra comfort. They are comfortable, feminine and versatile, perfect for your summer plans.

Price €49.95
Wedge camapesina sandal in orange, cotton with jute sole. It is a classic design and at the same time in trend, its padded insole gives it extra comfort. Its ankle-loop detail makes it special. It is a feminine model, versatile, timeless and design. You won't take them off all summer. Composition: Cotton

Price €54.95
These are brown coloured sandals. They have a multi-centimetre wedge and several intertwining bands.

These shoes are comfortable and elegant. Easy to put on and take off, as they do not have buckles or straps. You can wear them with dresses, long skirts or Boho trousers.

Composition: 100% polyurethane.

Price €44.95
These wedges are ideal if you are looking for shoes that go with everything. The beige colour platform and the semitransparent straps make them your perfect companion for any outfit. You can pair them with any clothes, and the materials they are made from will guarantee a safe, comfortable footing all day long. Made of: 75% polyurethane, 25% leather.

Price €54.95
These stylish wedge sandals available in brown are comfortable and will keep you cool. The earth colour combined with the cork colour of the sole will go well with all your spring outfits. The sole is designed to provide maximum comfort in every step. Made of: 75% polyurethane, 25% leather.

Price €54.95
These black wedge sandals are fresh and youthful. Their high quality materials mean you can enjoy them in both spring and summer. Wear them with your favourite clothes that are the colour of the wedges or the straps of the sandals. Made of: 75% polyurethane, 25% leather.

Price €54.95

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Don’t go without discovering women’s wedge heel sandals at Koala Bay. Wedge heel sandals are the perfect footwear to feel great and sure of yourself in your summer outfits. You will love them!

Buying women’s wedge heel sandals

Who doesn’t associate wedge heel sandals with the summer? An Ibizan style party at the beach, a sunset at a beach bar with friends… In our collection you will find different kinds of women’s wedge heel sandals. Fun, elegant, innovative or classic designs in various colours. Always adding to your style and highlighting your personality.

Wedge heels are perfect to give you, in a subtle way, a few centimetres more height. Thanks to the high-quality materials that we use to make our shoes, Koala Bay wedges will make you feel comfortable at every moment and accompany you on your non-stop summer nights.

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In our online shop you will find our catalogue of women’s wedge heel sandals, you can place your order and you have at your disposal the ability to change or return them without any problems.  You will also discover all our models of sandals: menorcans, the bio sandals and the models with bio wedge, the platform and the flat ones. If you prefer, you are also invited to visit us at one of our retail shops.

How do you match them?

You can accompany your pretty women’s wedge heel sandals with a dress or shorts and a blouse. In addition, you can add colourful accessories so that it is transformed into the fool-proof summer outfit.



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